Growing up in a small town, Khai L. Bayne always had an over active imagination. The only girl in a family with two boys, many of her nights (and some days), were spent finding creative ways to pass the time. Reading soon found its way as the main outlet for the young Khai, but later that love spread to other avenues, such as poetry, and music.
  The daughter of a long time “Trekkie” and “Sci-Fi Junkie”, you could say it was embedded in her DNA to be a fan of the paranormal world. Her parents always nourished her creativity and imagination. Everything from hair to make up were ways for the young Bayne to express herself.
  Now fast forward to over three decades later, being laid off from a job and super stressed out. Her mother advised her to “take a break” and “use the kindle app to read a book”. After finally following her advice, she downloaded the application, joined a few reader groups, and found the world of Indie Authors. In its land of “Grown-up make believe”, she found an outlet for her creativity. Using an outdated netbook, she spun the first draft of her first book. Fast forwarding a few years later, the sparkle and awe of this wonderful world is still there and the story still continues.